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Christmas Celebration Collaborator Page

This year we have decided to host a Christmas Celebration with our audience and fellow course creators and YOU are invited!!! This page has all the details you will need to collaborate with us!! 

There are 2 types of Gift Boxes:


Includes products of value up to $100


Includes products of value $101 - $500

The Way It Works: 

Guests will join the celebration by:

1. Entering their name and email to get access to the Regular Gift Box FREE.

2. By Purchasing the Premium Gift Box for $100 (includes the regular & premium gift boxes)

They will then be sent to the Celebration page where they will be able to see ALL of the collaborator's digital products. On that page, they will be able to click "Get Access" to any of the products they want. They will be able to see ALL the products from the box(s) that they chose. 

Once they click "get access" it will redirect them to your checkout page where they will enter the code and get the digital product 100% off. They will now be on your list in exchange for access to the product! 

The Celebration Deal will go from December 1st - December 25hth. After this, they will not be able to purchase or enroll int to any Gift Boxes.

ALL guests will have until January 31st, 2023 to sign up for any of the products they want! 


Massive Benefits for Collaborators:


1. Potentially NEW subscribers who will have chosen into your product(s) and are excited about what YOU specifically offer/do! *because they have to CLICK on your product to even get access*

2. As a collaborator, we will also create you an affiliate link. This way as you share & promote the Celebration you will receive $60 (that's 60%) for every Premium Gift Box someone who uses your link buys!! #helloextramoney  

I personally am excited about this Celebration for many reasons! Yes, there will be a smaller % earned for our company BUT more importantly we will be bringing MAJOR opportunities to our clients & audience members! #priceless

AND On TOP Of All Of That ^^


- Our team will be managing the entire thing so it runs smoothly and simply for you and our guests! 

- We will have a Facebook group EXCLUSIVELY for the collaborators so we can post updates, share content and celebrate together! 

- We will have graphics, emails & VIDEOS to make promoting it super easy for those ready to share! #yayyyy

The Requirements To Participate As A Collaborator


1. You need to be a customer, client, or student of one of our groups, products or past events IF you are selected (we have a free group HERE & low-cost offers available HERE).

2. While we do not require a specific audience size to participate, the purpose of collaboration in any format is to bring ALL of our people together to build ALL of our audiences. To get everyone in front of new eyes while building authority with their current audience.  We are excited about the growth everyone will have and hope you will share in promoting. 

3. You must have a digital product (course, video, graphic, audio, workbook etc.) to contribute.  

What You Are Invited To Contribute


- You can submit ONE digital product/course on ANY topic to EACH Gift Box.

     - This means you can submit one for the Regular Gift Box & one for the Premium Gift Box.

     - You do not need to submit one for both. 

     - This does not have to be a "business" course! You can include ANY topic you would like.

*We reserve the right to decline anything that we feel does not align with our beliefs or core values as a company. 

Some Guidelines To Keep It Clean


1. Anything you submit, MUST have already been created AND sold (no "still in creation" projects). 

2. The product(s) MUST be instant access (no, contests, future events, 1:1 feedback, or sessions).

3. The product(s) MUST NOT be on your site for Free.

4. Once the Guest has signed up for your offer, you agree to treat them as a paying customer of your product(s). 

Are You Ready?


1. The Application Deadline is Friday, November 11th. 

2. All applicants will be contacted by Friday, November 18th with the next steps. 

3. The Deadline to have backend access set up for your product(s) is Friday, November 25th.


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