If you're ready to START PLAYING BIG? AND ACTUALLY SCALING your Business

(without the headaches, fake fluff, never ending frustration and loneliness)?

This event WILL change your life!!

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Then you get caught up looking for external answers.. listening to podcast, reading every book, watching a TON of webinars and videos… LOOKING FOR LITERALLY ANYTHING THAT CAN HELP END THE CYCLE...


but month after month things continue to be inconsistent (actually the only thing that is consistent is that your business is inconsistent).


Now you're even more frustrated and confused… with a bigger, overwhelming to do list, that you have no idea how to accomplish…


thinking “I just need to do this and then do that… and ohhhh don't forget this… annnddd that… ” (bring on more headaches, frustration and sadness..)


When all you really want is to:

  • Scale Bigger

  • Learn Marketing Strategies that actually work for YOUR BUSINESS (in person and online)

  • Have Better Sales Techniques (that have higher conversions)

  • While living out your passion AND getting a massive ROI on your investment (time, $$, energy)!!!


Trust me, i get it!! Girl, i lived that life too…


i too had “inspired” days, watching webinars, journaling, feeling lost and lonely with no good consistency... 

That is why some days I would make some money (never enough) and other days i would make no money at all...

And that is why you too have some months you make decent money and some months you struggle making any money at all…


i would sit there wondering... what is wrong with me, what am i missing?


Then I  figured it out…

The problem ISN’T:

  • Some mindset breakthrough that you need to process for 6 months

  • Changing your business idea or products to match those succeeding

  • Or even (insert what you have been trying that does NOT work)...

It all comes down to:

1. PEOPLE (lack of)

2. TIME (lack of)

3. MONEY (lack of)

(these are where true opportunities are - missed opportunities are how you stay small and opportunity is how you grow)

Be honest! If these were not an issue in your business, you would be thriving and SCALING faster than ever before!

So i mapped out the real problems!!

You want to know what i found that messes with these (People, Money, Time)?

  • Unsure Vision

  • Inconsistency (remember the “inspired” day to day routine)

  • Lack of strategies/ marketing

  • Incomplete/ broken funnels

  • Lack of effective systems

  • Prioritizing things wrong

  • Taking advice from people who don’t know or understand what it actually takes

join me at:



Business Conference

September 13th - 14th, 2019

You Are Going To Leave This Event With:

  • Vision Clarity

  • Picking your KEY Products/ Services

  • Understanding the client that is actually going to buy from you

  • How to launch a successful funnel

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Networking

  • Connecting with Influencers

  • How to understand your customers buying mindset

  • Positioning your product/ service as a must

  • Going from Stranger to High End Client

  • Sales- How to close the deal

  • Powerful Follow ups

  • A mindset built to scale a business

  • Important things every successful business tracks


Having these has Got me this:

  • Sold Out Events

  • Massive Retreats

  • Powerhouse Women In my Mastermind

  • Multi Millionaires Reaching out to me

  • Huge Speaking Gigs

  • Filled in ALL my 1:1 Coaching Spots

  • A Rock-star Team

  • and so much more!!!!

You too can have this for

you and your business!!

It’s simple really…

Intuition + Strategy = GROWTH!!

So the way we see it, you have 3 options:

  1. Try doing it yourself

  2. Try doing it with people who don’t understand/ know



i WANT you to succeed!!

i want your business to change lives!!

i want the world to be happier, healthier, free and full of amazingness!!

And i am honored to help!!

THAT is why this event is so important to me!!

Its women like you… women like me... 

Driven to create movements!!

Determined to never give up!!

Made To Succeed!!


Hello Powerful, beautiful, driven Boss Babe!


As the founder of Female Entrepreneur Empire, your host and main trainer for this event, I invite you to join me in not only scaling your business but seriously stepping into the life you deserve!!


i know you will LOVE it (& your business will thank you) ;)

i can't wait to meet and love on you in person!!

Alyssa Camacho and the FEE Team

Meet Your Trainers:

Alyssa Camacho

Founder of Female Entrepreneur Empire, Owner of legends

Alyssa June Camacho, is an amazing mother, wife, and ROCKSTAR entrepreneur! She is the Founder of Female Entrepreneur Empire, Co- Founder of Embrace your Life and a Wealth Coach with Elite Hathaway. She is a sought out trainer and mentor who has influenced and inspired the lives of thousands. She is an expert in Business Growth, Business Relationships and Personal Development. She has worked with a wide variety of business owners ranging from doctors, to mentors and coaches, to clothing stores to network marketers and many more! Through years of being an entrepreneur, and having gone through the crazy struggles you face owning multiple businesses, she has discovered the formula to hosting life changing conferences for female entrepreneurs called FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS AWAKEN and retreats for women as well as couples. She is the leader of one of the strongest female business owner masterminds in Utah, THE INNER GODDESS EMPIRE and absolutely loves helping personal clients get clear on their brand and plan powerful marketing strategies that have clients and customers flowing to them! Her spunky personality mixed with her bulls eye focus and love for the people makes her one of the most influential and motivating people you will ever meet. If you want to listen and learn from a business savvy, caring, and upbeat powerhouse, Alyssa is your girl!


Lark Dean Galley


Lark was born in Utah, but her parents moved often resulting in her living all over the U.S. and attending a different school every year. The upside to this is that she’s very outgoing and makes friends easily. Lark financed her education at the University of Utah where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned an undergrad degree in Political Science/International Relations and a Masters degree in Economics. She worked for the Utah International Economic Development Office before switching into a career in sales where she earned multiple awards including the #1 Global Sales Rep for a Fortune 500 Company.  

Lark is a graduate from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, runs her trucking company in one hour a week, and coaches other business owners on how to streamline their activities to achieve time and money freedom. 

Lark has traveled around the world, competed in Olympic length triathlons, won 1st Place in the Toast Masters Area 41 International Speech Contest, and continues to pursue personal growth on all fronts. Her family life is full with four children, four grandchildren, and a husband who is a full time engineer and part time Army Colonel.  

Jennifer Conkey


Jen is the co-founder of LeadHership Coaching


Jennifer Conkey is a well-known Leadership Coach with twenty-five years of experience. Specializing in mentoring high-performing female leaders across multiple industries. Her passion for unleashing the potential in female leaders comes from her personal experiences as a young female leader emerging in the early 1990’s.


She struggled with confidence while trying to lead teams of experienced men that were not open to her influence. Jen is not one to give up! She worked hard to understand what motivated people in order to influence them.


After working hard to identify and implement specific influencing techniques, her mindset is that you

can create anything you want in life when you know how to influence and plan effectively.


Jen is the co-founder of LeadHership Coaching, where her clients learn the how to influence People, Processes, and Performance by using her 7 specific influencing strategies that she fine-tuned over the years.


Stacy Conkey

Co-Founder of leadhership  coaching

Stacy Conkey is a highly sought after coach and mentor for entrepreneurs starting new businesses and expanding existing ones.  After acquiring a business degree, working at Arthur Andersen and earning her CPA license, she worked in corporate America as a Controller, then CFO, but soon realized her passion was for creating and growing new businesses.  Several years into her entrepreneurial ventures, she was approached to start speaking, teaching and coaching entrepreneurs. She has passion for helping entrepreneurs get unstuck, move through fear into action, and creating and executing business plans.  


As a speaker, Stacy has been hired to speak to entrepreneur groups as small as fifty and as large as1,500 and is well known as a dynamic, highly sought after business motivator. She regularly works one-on-one with entrepreneurs and small business owners and conducts small group masterminds.  Her ability to assess the strengths, weaknesses, motivation and resources of entrepreneurs combined with her ability to inspire, motivate and hold her clients accountable has made her an extraordinarily effective leader in helping new entrepreneurs create and launch their businesses.


Stacy is the co-founder of LeadHership Coaching, where her clients are coached from concept to launch (and beyond), with Stacy by their side…guiding their business moves, helping them keep a peak performance mind game and providing the ultimate in accountability!

Manny Lopez

Founder- From Orphan To CEO

Manny helps create & enhance experts with unique lead generation &
automation marketing strategies. A husband and father of 3, he devotes his time to creating a lifestyle of being #TooBlessedToBeStressed while managing his 
network of over 30,000 business professionals worldwide! Within his business specialty, he 1st understands your business model, target market, and challenges you're facing. Once discovered, he'll develop a unique
way to automate your sales process and message of value to reach the specific 
market that works best for YOU. Currently, he is a paid consultant on lead generation to over 1000 brands worldwide including: celebrities, entertainers, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, speakers, coaches, network marketing companies, affiliates, attorneys, doctors, and hundreds of small business professionals from around the world! You may have even seem him as the teacher on mobile apps & mobile marketing automation in Tai Lopez social media marketing courses. Recently featured in INC. Magazine, his work has been showcased on NBC, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg Radio, a CEO Space International graduate, and within 2 years of starting his business, Manny was named One of the Best by Facebook when they hit 1 million advertisers!


Meet the Panel

Meet one of YourTrainers

& Your Emcee:


Omar Camacho

founder of legends, International sales trainer


Omar Camacho, The Master of Sales!


Having worked with multimillion dollar companies to increase sales as well as starting his own very successful coaching business helping clients drastically improve their sales, he gets it! 


Using his approach of Find the Need, Provide the Service, Close the Sale, he has made sales not only very likable, but also meaningful! 


If you get a chance to learn from Omar, do it! It will work wonders for your business as well as help you provide top notch service!

Location & Details

Friday & Saturday,

September 13th & 14th, 2019


9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

     Mandalay Bay 

3950 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119

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