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Membership Expert Guest Page

Hello hello you beautiful soul!! 

If you are on this page it is because we want to share your amazing gifts with our comunity! 

You can see all the details for the Aligned and Wealthy Membership HERE (what members get)!


I am looking for people specifically who can either

1. Walk the group through an exercise/ process LIVE on ZOOM (30-45 minutes).

2. Can pre-record an experience or training for them (examples: meditations, how-to videos, exercises, processes, etc.).  

The membership is focused on MIND BODY SOUL and BUSINESS, so ANYTHING that can fit into one of those categories is welcome!! 

For Live Trainings: We host a few online events a month for our members. We would invite you to be the Expert Guest! 


For Pre recorded: When they log into the membership site they will be able to see your training! 

In exchange for adding value to our membership, we will
Include how they can connect with your further in the notes of the training

+ send our members an email spotlighting your training!

+ create and share the graphic for your training! 

+ create an affiliate link for you (that way IF you want to share it and someone joins, you make $)! 

If you are interested in sharing your amazingness with our members please fill out THIS application form :) 

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