This Amazing 6 Module Course is all about helping you find and become the greatest vesion of yourself!


This is like NO OTHER personal development course! Filled with TONS of tools and excersizes, this course is the ULTIMATE "All About You" course! 

Are you ready to become the version of you, that you know you were meant for? 

Love You Course- Online

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  • This course has 6 modules, each module has videos and workbooks. 

    Module One- WHO YOU ARE! {IDENTITY}

    What is your identity? Who is the person you want to be but have been scared to step into? In module one, I help you find your TRUE IDENTITY! Together we will pull out the person you are meant to be and SQUASH the fears keeping you from being that person! Are you ready to meet the true you?


    Module Two- WHAT DO YOU WANT! {VISION}

    What do you want? In this module we are going to dive into your vision (don't worry if you don't already know what you want- I will help you locate it)! We are going to look into your imagination and while we tap into your inspiration. You will not only find what you want, but do some massive mindset breakthroughs so that you can bring the things you want- to your current reality!


    Module Three- 

    "Where am I going" is the MOST common question we ask ourselves. It's also the question that has the power to make or break us in any given moment depending on our answer. Sometimes we are inspired to go on a journey to greatness, other times we feel lost and confused- and that creates an unpleasant and scary feeling that most of the time can lead to a downward spiral of depression or sadness. In module three we are going to work on whats beyond your vision...  YOUR PURPOSE. Don't let that scare you away, you are in good hands! This is a very important step in being happy!  Its time to step into greatness!


    Module Four- WHY ITS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO GET THERE! {PASSION}This training is all about your WHYS! Most people think they have a strong enough why. If that were true, they would already be successful because they would already have done whatever it takes to make it so. That's why in this training we focus on your why! What's in store for your future if you stay on the path you are now? Probably not your dream future. That's why in this module we are going to pull out your whys AND we are going to pull out so many that your passion and happiness will grow consistently because its what YOU want not what someone else wants!


    Module Five- WHEN DO YOU WANT TO GET THERE! {PLAN}"When, when, when? I'll do it tomorrow, or next week." Just like most of us can set a goal, most of us tend to put our goals off until it is to late. That's why module five is one of my FAVORITE! Here we are going to work on your relationship with time! Don't have one? That's part of the problem! I am going to help you clear out any negative emotions you have towards time and managing it so that you can set a plan and ACTUALLY execute it!


    Module Six- HOW WILL YOU MAKE IT A REALITY! {EXECUTION} Now that you know who you are, what you want and what will drive you to it- it is time for us to focus on making it a consistent reality. This step for most people is the hardest! Why? Because this is where you EXECUTE... without execution the rest of the course would just be a dream with a really good plan. This is where we put your plan to work! ** Sneak peak: we will be covering MANY ways to stay accountable! That's right, I said it, ACCOUNTABLE. We will go into MANY ways you can keep yourself accountable AND ways to enroll others into helping you stay accountable! After all this is YOUR life! And YOU deserve to live it true to yourself!!