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People don’t change until they get fed up enough to do something about their current situation. #fact 💯

Until they are done being “mediocre”, “completely lost” 🙃, “frustrated” and “overwhelmed”... until the PAIN of not having/ being/ doing the “thing” becomes greater than the comfort of sitting in their crap. 😳 💩

Biggest struggle people have???

👉👉 “I don’t have enough money to do what I need/want!”

🖐 😳 Okay- but what would it be like if you did have the money... how would you feel then??

“Well, when I have more money feel more free (less trapped) in all areas of my life. I will be less stressed out and overwhelmed, I’m definitely in a better mood with everyone in my life when money is flowing... leading to more joy enjoyment and fulfillment!” 💯💃🔥

Most people know that money is something that they need to work on yet they still struggle to show up and do the work because they don’t know where to start! 😅😜

And as someone who has had crazy highs 🙌 and super lows 🤦‍♀️ with money I can tell you this... you dont get out of the lows by avoiding!! 💯

I get it... “money does not solve everything... BUT it is a resource that most people accept and PEOPLE solve problems 😉💋

So if it is important for you to make more money... because you know you can have more and it is possible... AND If you want to change that NOW (no more waiting until next year... WE HAVE ARRIVED💃💃)!! Then this is for you!! 💯🙌❤️


The Money Advantage - Online

SKU: 01162020
  • A 6 week Money Mindset Course Built For Bad A Entrepreneuers Ready To Call In All The Money In 2020!

    12 Live Trainings!!
    + 6 Q and A Sessions!
    + Facebook Accountability Group!
    PDF And Digital Abundance Tracker!
    +24 Worksheets!!!
    + MORE 

    To Change Your BELIEFS Around Receiving, Making, Spending and Saving Money!!
    The Spiritual Steps To Create Money
    How To Become An Energetic Match (Vibration)
    To Take The Practical Steps to Create Money
    Overcome/ Adjust Your Relationship With Money
    The Past(why you are where you are), The Present (why you stay where you are) and the Future (hot to shift to what you actually want)